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Well, since I haven't updated this thing in a while... here goes.

I went and saw Breaking Benjamin on Tuesday night with Alice and Alyssa. Awesome concert. We were the first people in line, so we ended up front and center at the show. Crowd surfers suck, but I think the concert was relatively mild in comparison to some of the shows I've been to in the past. I also later realized that this was the first show I've been to without Christian. Hmm. Anyway... after the show, we hung out and met the band (Ben Burnley is so fucking hot... so sexy...). Uh, yeah. And we met the first opening band (the singer was wearing something akin to women's pants... made me feel kinda awkward. But the guitarist, Duncan, was pretty cute, so we ended up talking to them for a while, and Alice and I bought their CD. We were also dubbed either AAA or A-cubed, since there were three of us. :-) Once we finally left Bogarts, Alyssa and I went back to Alice's with her and hung out there for a little bit before we went home. Great night.

Then I had exams... not so fun. Apparently I've managed to fail Basic Strengths somehow, which sucks, 'cause this was the second time I'd taken it. I withdrew last time before I could fail. So I'm really dreading the results from Circuits and Thermo. I know I have an A in CJ and a B+ in Comp Meth, but those other ones could make or break my job offer. And I can't have that. Oh yeah... the job offer. I got a call on Monday at like 4:30 from Wright Patterson AFB, saying that I'd been selected for a co-op position. "How? I never interviewed with you guys." "You were selected." "How?" "I picked you." "Umm... how?" I know, I'm an idiot. But I was so confused! But apparently I did get a job with them... I filled out a ton of paperwork yesterday, so now I just have to go up there and get fingerprinted and go over the paperwork. That and I need to buy a car. Hmm.

And I now have a new obsession... thanks a lot, Charlie. Red Vs. Blue. It's an Internet cartoon done using Halo, and now Halo 2. It's hilarious. I love Caboose. Well, and Grif and Tucker. They're great. They all are, actually... I just somehow managed to pick those 3 out. Caboose is such an idiot, which is awesome. Since Charlie showed Alice and I an episode like a month ago, maybe, I've gotten hooked. I found out that there was a rolling archive of the episodes and started downloading previous seasons in addition to the new stuff. And then yesterday at work I decided to join the site, at which point I decided to sponsor the thing as well. So now I have access to all the videos they've done. Nice. Hehe. I'm just trying not to download them all at once... I want to have something to look forward to. I already downloaded like 10 today... oops. I couldn't help it. My sisters have also gotten into it, which is kinda bad 'cause of the language. But oh well. And I want a Caboose t-shirt. Haha. I will get one soon.
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