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I got a new car today! A 2004 Honda Civic EX, Fiji blue, complete with CD, sunroof, keyless entry, the works. It's so sweet. It's a 2-door, which is the downside, but it's a really nice car. I'll be paying out the ass for it for the next 5 years, but I'll survive. It'll be nice to have something that works and will last. The loan wasn't finalized, so hopefully everything goes well there, or I'll be very depressed. But oh well. I'm used to disappointment, and I've had a lot of that lately.

Man, Monday night was awful... sorta, anyway. The big downside was that I had to go to Matthew's to catsit, and right when I got to the driveway (not in the driveway, mind you), the Marquis crapped out. So I went in, fed the cat, and called Dad. Then, on an upside, I found Matthew's Xbox and started playing Halo. I've never played before, so that was an interesting experience. But a lot of fun. :-) Then Dad came and tried to start the Marquis (it's problem was the alternator, we later found out), and almost killed the Taurus (its radiator is leaking like a sieve and so the engine is constantly overheating). So we called AAA and asked them to tow us. They said okay, and so Dad and I started playing co-operative Halo. Also fun. We called AAA back later to give them a different number to call, and they told us they weren't towing anymore. So we called Mom, and she suggested I call Charlie. At 11:30, I called him, and he came and picked me up. I got a Christmas present out of that as well... Red vs Blue Season 1 DVD. I was really happy about that... I tried to hug Charlie (while he was driving) and almost ended up hitting him in the face. Oops. Now I just have to figure out what to get him... haha.

Anyway, today just made me a lot happier... considering all the crap I've been dealing with lately. So... yay!
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