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And another one...

Yeah, I know everyone else has last night's stuff in their journal, so I'll keep this short. It was a lot of fun, hentai is hilarious (squish!), my arms hurt like hell from that bowling game, my nose hurts from lying on the floor, and for me, issues returning made me retarded. Hooray. But oh well... for the most part it was fun. I'd do it again (bye bye money!).

In other stuff... I love my job at WPAFB and I love the base. It's cool. I can cope with the drive ('cause Caboose rules), but there are days when it really sucks (when it snows). But it's worth it. I'm actually learning stuff, and I've been given responsibility, which is cool. Plus I can use whatever I want on the base, pretty much. So I may have to start going to the gym up there, plus the Air Force Museum and the BX. Fun stuff.

And I really want an Xbox and more Red vs. Blue stuff. Haha. I'll get that eventually. I want to play Halo!

Oh, dude! And I just realized I'd joined a RvB LJ community. Didn't know I'd done that... haha.
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