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Just woke up...

Yeah, I know it's 3pm. I went to bed at 4:30 though, so it's okay. :-) Me, Alice, Shawn, and Matthew hung out last night (boo, Chris, for not answering your phone). We went to Dewey's, then tried to get Chris (and got sucked in by his parents), then bowling. Good times bowling... I suck, but at least it's fun. Then we took Matthew back to his car and got Shawn's Xbox. Alice and I got our asses kicked by Shawn in Halo 2 multiplayer, but I did get to kill Shawn a few times, so it was all worth it. Plus watching yourself about to get sniped is hilarious. We watched some Cowboy Bebop after that, but I was too tired at that point to really pay any attention, so I went home after a couple of episodes. Then Alice called me once I had gotten into bed to find out if anything was wrong with me... *shrugs* Ah well.

And I'm getting a tax refund! I'm going to buy an Xbox with it. Yay! I think that's sad that I could spend that much money on something, but I'm going to spend money I didn't realize I was going to have, so it's okay.
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