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Happy Birthday to me!

Today I turned 21... yay, can finally drink legally (and buy fun drinks in restaurants). Woohoo! Plus I can actually rent cars if I have to (but I never want to leave Caboose!). Had an "eh" day at school, then stopped by the library to drop stuff off, then dropped by Carolyn's to say hi and see how things were going. Talked for a few, then headed home to get ready to go to dinner. Went to Applebee's with my family and Sonja (who might as well be family). Had my usual food, but also got a peach daquiri, which was pretty good. Not much in it though... just enough to make Dad ask if I were okay to drive (I was definitely fine). I got a few RvB-themed presents, so that made me happy... my Church shirt, Season 2 DVD, Trocadero CD, and Jade Empire for Xbox. Fun stuff. Then we went back home and Sonja, Anna, and I played a little Halo multiplayer until Sonja left (like an hour ago). All in all, it's been fun... I'm looking forward to this party on Saturday... though the "surprise" aspect bothers me. Oh well, can't do anything about it. I'm about ready to fall asleep though... it's been a long day!
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