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How did I get so lucky?

I have such awesome friends... I'm really lucky for that. Alice coordinated a birthday party for me, and although I most dislike the surprise aspect, it was a lot of fun. Not like I expected it to be otherwise, but yeah. I got some cool stuff (like my awesome Master Chief-turned-Church action figure, complete with rocket launcher), and had a good time hanging out. When I showed up, Alice, Matthew, Liz, Will, Nick, and Jarret were in attendance. Once things had settled down a little, Alice had a couple "activities" for everyone in which they had to state something they liked about me, and what they would buy for me if they had unlimited funds. Some great responses were as follows (loosely quoted):

Will: "I like that you haven't killed me for all the stupid stuff I've said." and "I'd buy you a pizza and keep the rest of the money for myself." Thanks, Will. :-P
Matthew: "I know I can trust you completely." *blushes*
Jarret: "I like that we always have something to talk about." Very sweet... liked that a lot. Also, "I'd get you a bunch of bioweapons." Aww, how nice. Haha.
Nick: "I like that you can put up with us." And then he said he'd buy me some kind of giant raybeam to take other people out with? Do I really like killing people that much?
Alice: "I like that no matter what I say, I know you're never judging me." And Alice wants to buy me a hybrid car to save me money on fuel. Practical.
Oh, and Liz liked that I would help her with her paper that she hadn't informed me she had yet. That was nice of her, wasn't it?

Matthew was pretty exhausted early on, so he and I retreated and talked for a little bit (everyone else was discussing creationism vs. evolution... bah), and then we headed outside to walk over to his car. That got kinda derailed though, when I realized the car driving down the street was Charlie's. That made me happy... and it's funny... he just assumed he was entitled to share the driveway with me. He is though, so it's cool. Except for me getting stuck trying to get out of my car once I'd pulled it up. Not so cool. Haha. I was really glad he showed... I wasn't sure if he would or not. I had talked to him earlier, and I told him it'd be nice if he came, but he had been up really late, so I didn't expect a whole lot. So I was happy about that. And Andrew came as well, and was one of the last to leave (along with Liz and Will), since we played Halo for a while once Charlie left. Matthew was so tired he had to leave rather soon after Charlie arrived, so Jarret and Nick went with him. It would have been nice if Chris and Sonja (and Jason) had been able to come, but of course I understand. I love them anyway. :-)

Anyway... even though I'm all wound up now, I really need to try sleeping. Yup.
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