Alex (kinkywombat) wrote,

Such an awesome day...

Well, today ended up being an awesome kick-off to my summer. I finished all my finals on Wednesday, so I had plans to hang out at Kings Island with my shelver friends, then head to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert at a club down the street from where I live. My day started at about 8am, when I woke up. I picked up all the shelvers, then headed up to PKI. We got there about 10ish, went in, got our season pass things, then headed to the rides. The first thing they wanted to do was Drop Zone. I waited in the line with them, but didn't go on it. I'm still afraid of heights, and I didn't think that ride would be a good move for me. Then we went on Top Gun (my head felt like it was being squished by the pressure), and my ears hurt pretty badly afterward. It was okay, but I don't think I'll be riding that one often. In the end, I only skipped out on The Beast, the swings (didn't feel like it), the viking ship, and obviously Drop Zone. We rode the Scooby Doo haunted thingamajigger... the one that used to be Phantom Theater or whatever, Whitewater Canyon, the log ride (forget the name), ran through the water-spraying part of the kids section, rode Adventure Express, the Racer... and that might be it. I don't know. We ended up all drenched after Whitewater Canyon, but we got even more soaked after the water spraying thingy (I'm great with names, aren't I?). It was awesome though. We left a little after 4 and I drove everyone home (with Matthew falling asleep in the car). I got home at 5, then proceeded to dry all my clothes so I could still have them for the concert (it's just water!). That and I had to open all the windows and the sunroof in Caboose to dry him out too.

Around 7 I headed over to the 20th Century Theater to see 30 Seconds to Mars. I met up with Lauren and Betsy there. The show was great... one of the few times I was actually impressed by the openers (not to mention there were a few hot guys in the bands... *wink*... Ian...). They were good. 30 Seconds to Mars rocked as always (I've seen them 3 times now). We got to talk to the openers after the show, plus we got autographs from 30STM. Cool guys. It was funny... we were talking to one of the guitarists in the first opening band (Blank Maven), and he asked me, "Hey... do you go to UC?" "...Yeah... *confused*" "Are you in engineering?" "... Yeah... *still confused*" "I've seen you around. I used to be in engineering." "Oh yeah?" Hehe... that was amusing. Considering the fact I always pretty much keep to myself on campus, I was surprised that anyone would recognize me. It was cool. The guy (Paul) is in DAAP now (digital design), so maybe one day I'll run into him. I definitely want to go to some of the shows the two bands have sometime. Oh yeah... and did I mention Bluf's lead singer (Ian) is gorgeous? Well, there you go. *grins* I have to get those pics from Betsy. We went and had a good time at Steak 'n Shake afterwards (after all the avoiding of the... "people" - ugh), and now I'm about ready to pass out. I think my wiredness is gone.
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