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I guess it's time for an actual update, isn't it?

Last night was the Halloween party at Alice's. I didn't even really want to go, at first, because I've become somewhat of a recluse. That and I hadn't had a whole lot of time to come up with a costume, and really didn't want to do the whole costume thing. But I ended up getting some stuff together, which worked out okay. I'm sure Alice and Sonja have pictures... though I don't know if I'll be posting them. :-)

But the party did turn out to be fun... I probably laughed harder than I have in quite some time, thanks to our drunks, Liz and Lauren. Liz got really trashed, and just being around her was funny as hell. Lauren was a little bit impaired in her movements, which was great. She was dressed as Cristiano Ronaldo (think I got that right), who is a soccer player for Manchester United. She brought this little soccer ball, and at some point she and Jason went out to play with it. It didn't go so well for her. At one point, Jason kicked the ball outside the fence in Alice's yard. Lauren ran after it, arms in the air, screaming, "My ball! My ball!" Note: It didn't really go all that far, but when you're drunk... yeah. She ran, weaving, up the sidewalk to grab it, then almost fell into the street (it was near a tree next to the street). Then she stumbled back down the hill. We all probably laughed at Lauren for the next 15 minutes.

We ended up having to drive Liz and her car home (Sonja and I took her car, Jason and Lauren got Liz), since Liz was still a bit too trashed and tired to get there herself. She fell asleep on the couch first though... she's awful to wake up.

Oh yeah, and Shawn's punk-ass didn't come... even though he swore he would, and he was with Liz and Alice at the anime convention earlier in the day. He will have to be punished.

Wow... alright, my fingers aren't working very well right now. I'm going to have to quit and leave the updating to everyone else. I'm still too tired.
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