Alex (kinkywombat) wrote,

Sucks to be you.

Today was rather interesting... some bad, some good. Overall I think things turned out well though, so I'm actually in a pretty good mood right now.

This morning (well, 3am), I was awakened by severe pain in my teeth. I've been dealing with this for a few days now, and had seen a doctor about sinusitis, but this was just ridiculous. My dad ended up staying up with me for a little while after I had my little pain-induced breakdown. He drove to Walgreens around 4am to get Tylenol and hot packs for me. I was very grateful, but I felt bad for him since he had to get up at 6 for work. I did manage to get back to sleep, but it wasn't fun.

About 10 this morning I went in to my parents' dentist, since Mom had called him (my dentist was on vacation). After waiting around a little, I got X-rays done and the dentist told me I had an abcessed tooth. This wasn't surprising, but it was upsetting for a number of reasons. First off, I am awful about dental work. I get freaked out about it (no mouth pain tolerance, small mouth), and I generally end up pissing my dentist off. Secondly, I'd kinda known something was wrong with that tooth for over a year (it had a huge hole in the side with sharp edges), and I kept asking my dentist about it. Every time, he'd say, "Oh, it's okay, we'll just keep an eye on it." Look what that got me... an abcess. Thanks, jerk. Anyway, they did the first part of a root canal on the tooth today, and gave me a temporary filling. So yay, no more pain. :-) I have to go back and get it completely finished, but at least I'll be okay until then. And I will not be returning to my old dentist.

Since I ended up staying home, I got to "wrap" my presents for Carolyn and Claudia, and I took them to the library around 5:30. *shrugs* I think they liked them. Hope so, anyway. Then I went back home and collected my parents' cell phones so I could go buy them new ones.

For the last couple weeks, I've been working on getting my parents new phones for Christmas. I took Mom in about a week and a half ago to look at phones, and then took Dad in the day after so they could give me their input. I've ended up working with one Cincinnati Bell sales guy named Matthew the whole time. He's a trip... he's picked on me since I walked in the door with Mom that time. I don't know why, but it's entertaining. Mom was even picking on me tonight, saying I couldn't flirt with the guy if she or Dad went with me (I hadn't planned on them going, just because I didn't want them to have to deal with it). Me, flirt? Huh? Haha. Anna went with me though, since she wanted out of the house so badly. We got the phones, after a good deal of wrangling on Matthew's part (they didn't want to approve the addition of lines thanks to credit reasons, but he got them to do it anyway). He's an arrogant bastard, and he goes, "And you got this deal because..." "You're the man." Apparently he liked that. He gave me a high-five, then proceeded to call his boss to document that someone actually complimented him. It was funny. His boss comes out a few minutes later with a piece of paper... he found the high-five on the security camera and printed it out. It was hilarious. Now there's this stupid picture floating around there. But hey, whatever works. I got the phones, and some entertainment (Anna's random dancing in the store aside). We spent a good couple of hours playing with them once I got home. I like my phone. It's not overly complex, and it only cost me $20 (normally $130). I'd say that worked out.
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