Alex (kinkywombat) wrote,


Last night was the Taproot show at Bogarts... wow. Lauren and I went, stood in the cold for a few hours, but ended up with front row spots. It was worth it. The show was amazing. It'd been a really long time since I'd been to a concert, but Lauren informed me of this one, and there was no way I was going to miss it. I took the whole day off work for it. The first opener (From Satellite) was pretty good, we thought, but the second opener wasn't necessarily our style. They were kinda boring to watch too... all the singer did was pace. But Taproot... damn. Possibly the most crowd-involved show I've ever been to. Most singers will maybe crowd-surf toward the end of the show once, but Stephen Richards would crowd-surf, then spend the majority of a song in the pit. He even jumped off Bogarts' balcony. He's crazy. Hot too. ;-) They played a few of my favorites too, so that was awesome. "Mine", "Poem", "I", and others. I'm so sore today (thanks to the "happy hopper" who elbowed me in the ribs every time he jumped), and I know I smell horribly of smoke (I had no energy for a shower last night), but I'm in a good mood, so who cares?

Also, I went up to the base on Friday (wasn't working) and went bowling with all my co-workers and had an awesome time. I'm going to miss seeing them all the time. Well, Angie, Cheryl, and Patrick, anyway.
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