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06:59pm 17/10/2007
  So, Anna managed to beat both me and Alyssa to the "having a boyfriend" stage yesterday. That's a little weird, but whatever... It's funny. It's a little disheartening too, for me, but eh. They're both hurt, and that's about it. I don't know when I'll meet this kid, but until then, I'll settle for embarrassing the heck out of her (it's so easy). Mom and I were trying to come up with Halloween costumes for them... hilarious.

Anyway, just wanted this in here. It's worth noting.

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03:03pm 20/08/2006
  Even though most didn't get to see the previous entry... here's all the shit Jason had last night... and boy was he wasted. A sample conversation for you:
"Where am I?"
"A bar."
"I don't see any guys... what kind of bar is it?"
"A lesbian one."
"*pauses* Oh... okay."
*repeats a half an hour later*

And the laundry list of drinks:
- 3 Guinesses
- 2 shots of 151
- 1 Jagermeister
- 1 shot of tequila
- 1 rocket fuel
- 4 zombies

All in all, 12 drinks from about 9 to maybe an hour before close. Ouch!

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03:18pm 26/03/2006
  Last night was the Taproot show at Bogarts... wow. Lauren and I went, stood in the cold for a few hours, but ended up with front row spots. It was worth it. The show was amazing. It'd been a really long time since I'd been to a concert, but Lauren informed me of this one, and there was no way I was going to miss it. I took the whole day off work for it. The first opener (From Satellite) was pretty good, we thought, but the second opener wasn't necessarily our style. They were kinda boring to watch too... all the singer did was pace. But Taproot... damn. Possibly the most crowd-involved show I've ever been to. Most singers will maybe crowd-surf toward the end of the show once, but Stephen Richards would crowd-surf, then spend the majority of a song in the pit. He even jumped off Bogarts' balcony. He's crazy. Hot too. ;-) They played a few of my favorites too, so that was awesome. "Mine", "Poem", "I", and others. I'm so sore today (thanks to the "happy hopper" who elbowed me in the ribs every time he jumped), and I know I smell horribly of smoke (I had no energy for a shower last night), but I'm in a good mood, so who cares?

Also, I went up to the base on Friday (wasn't working) and went bowling with all my co-workers and had an awesome time. I'm going to miss seeing them all the time. Well, Angie, Cheryl, and Patrick, anyway.

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New computer   
12:34pm 04/03/2006
mood: happy but tired
So finally I got around to building myself a new computer... very exciting for me. I'm going from a laptop (which I bought 3+ years ago when I didn't know anything about computers) to this:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ (2.2 GHz)
250 GB hard drive
Radeon X800 256MB

I doubt I really need those specs at this point... but I was trying to plan ahead, since I know I won't be upgrading for a while.

And now I have a DVD burner, among other fun stuff (I had to buy an LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers for the thing as well). It's so cool. And by some miracle, it fits on my desk. Well, the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers do. I was never going to try to get the computer itself on my desk. The computer case has found a calling as a "desk" for my laptop as well. Handy when I'm transferring files between the two. Now all I need is a printer.

I can finally play all the games I wanted to... like Guild Wars. I've had that since July and couldn't really do a whole lot with it. Now when I play it looks so nice! The first time I logged on with the new computer I thought I was going to cry. So pretty! And fast! I'll probably got back and try to play Morrowind again too, since that one always used to randomly crash out while I was playing. So yeah, Carolyn... Guild Wars when you get back. :-)

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Trevor Hurst!   
01:04am 05/02/2006
mood: ecstatic
Wow... I finally managed to figure out what happened to Econoline Crush. All these years. I don't know what prompted the search, but I decided tonight that I wanted to try looking for news about them again. First off, the background. Econoline Crush is (well, was) this amazing Canadian rock band that I got into maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I've pretty much loved them ever since. Trevor Hurst is the singer. He's got a great voice for the music (plus he's hot... but yeah). I always liked that no matter how heavy the music got, he never resorted to yelling and screaming. That's way too common with music like theirs. Actually, I just put The Devil You Know back into my CD player for the umpteenth time this week. I'd missed it, I guess. Especially "Home" and "Surefire". Basically, after they released Brand New History in 2001 and had a little bit of a run with that, they kinda fell off the edge of the earth. It bugged me for years that there was never any real word about what happened to them. All the websites either disappeared or weren't updated after Brand New History.

Anyway... tonight. I was looking around online, and decided to search for them again. This time I found a brief Wikipedia article (Wiki, my new best friend) that mentioned the band was either on hiatus or disbanded. The article pointed to the fact that Trevor and another band member had gone off and formed bands of their own, Trevor's being called Hurst (original, huh?). Based on that, I decided to go see if I could find anything on Hurst. Ah, I almost cried when I started listening to the first song on their site ("Not Broken"). I have so much respect for this guy! Even if his band name makes him a bit egotistical. lol - I'm used to the ego. :-) But he's a good songwriter, and it was good hearing his voice again. Haha... I also decided I would buy the EP they have out. I'll get it in 3-6 weeks apparently, since it's coming from Canada. Oh well... I've waited 4 years for this. I can wait 3-6 weeks more. I'm so happy though! This has been a good way to end the day, especially since the beginning sucked pretty badly.

Yeah, so... as of this morning, my baby (Caboose) is in the shop. It was shuddering while it idled this morning while I was trying to leave for work, then it refused to go a couple of times. I pretty much said, "screw it" and Dad ended up taking me to work. He got Caboose towed to Superior Honda once I was at work. I called Dad later in the day to find out whether they'd gotten to check it out, and get this... contaminated fuel?!? I filled up on Friday, and the guys at Superior think I may have ended up with diesel or something instead of unleaded. So the repair is going to be insane... but I'll be damned if I'm not going to get Shell to pay for it. It's their fault. They broke Caboose. I'm just going to have to figure out how to get them to take responsibility, plus get myself to work for the next week (hopefully it won't take longer). Such is my life.

And because I can, Trevor! lol - It's an awful picture, but it made me laugh. As Sonja would say, he's hurt.

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Happy Birthday, Caboose!   
09:47pm 28/12/2005
  Today is my car's first birthday (well, technically the first anniversary of his adoption by me). It's so weird to think about that... things were so different a year ago, weather-wise and everything else. Plus the poor car got over 21,000 miles on him in the first year. But oh well... Dayton will do that to you. Now he just has to last the next 4 and a half years... until my loan's paid off!  

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Sucks to be you.   
12:01am 22/12/2005
  Today was rather interesting... some bad, some good. Overall I think things turned out well though, so I'm actually in a pretty good mood right now.

This morning (well, 3am), I was awakened by severe pain in my teeth. I've been dealing with this for a few days now, and had seen a doctor about sinusitis, but this was just ridiculous. My dad ended up staying up with me for a little while after I had my little pain-induced breakdown. He drove to Walgreens around 4am to get Tylenol and hot packs for me. I was very grateful, but I felt bad for him since he had to get up at 6 for work. I did manage to get back to sleep, but it wasn't fun.

About 10 this morning I went in to my parents' dentist, since Mom had called him (my dentist was on vacation). After waiting around a little, I got X-rays done and the dentist told me I had an abcessed tooth. This wasn't surprising, but it was upsetting for a number of reasons. First off, I am awful about dental work. I get freaked out about it (no mouth pain tolerance, small mouth), and I generally end up pissing my dentist off. Secondly, I'd kinda known something was wrong with that tooth for over a year (it had a huge hole in the side with sharp edges), and I kept asking my dentist about it. Every time, he'd say, "Oh, it's okay, we'll just keep an eye on it." Look what that got me... an abcess. Thanks, jerk. Anyway, they did the first part of a root canal on the tooth today, and gave me a temporary filling. So yay, no more pain. :-) I have to go back and get it completely finished, but at least I'll be okay until then. And I will not be returning to my old dentist.

Since I ended up staying home, I got to "wrap" my presents for Carolyn and Claudia, and I took them to the library around 5:30. *shrugs* I think they liked them. Hope so, anyway. Then I went back home and collected my parents' cell phones so I could go buy them new ones.

For the last couple weeks, I've been working on getting my parents new phones for Christmas. I took Mom in about a week and a half ago to look at phones, and then took Dad in the day after so they could give me their input. I've ended up working with one Cincinnati Bell sales guy named Matthew the whole time. He's a trip... he's picked on me since I walked in the door with Mom that time. I don't know why, but it's entertaining. Mom was even picking on me tonight, saying I couldn't flirt with the guy if she or Dad went with me (I hadn't planned on them going, just because I didn't want them to have to deal with it). Me, flirt? Huh? Haha. Anna went with me though, since she wanted out of the house so badly. We got the phones, after a good deal of wrangling on Matthew's part (they didn't want to approve the addition of lines thanks to credit reasons, but he got them to do it anyway). He's an arrogant bastard, and he goes, "And you got this deal because..." "You're the man." Apparently he liked that. He gave me a high-five, then proceeded to call his boss to document that someone actually complimented him. It was funny. His boss comes out a few minutes later with a piece of paper... he found the high-five on the security camera and printed it out. It was hilarious. Now there's this stupid picture floating around there. But hey, whatever works. I got the phones, and some entertainment (Anna's random dancing in the store aside). We spent a good couple of hours playing with them once I got home. I like my phone. It's not overly complex, and it only cost me $20 (normally $130). I'd say that worked out.

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10:10pm 26/11/2005
  I just got back from my annual Thanksgiving "vacation" (I don't really consider it a true vacation, but it is one, I guess). We went to Springfield, VA, to visit my mom's parents and that whole side of the family. We left Wednesday and got caught in some of the lovely snow near Grantsville, so we made it to their house at like 1:30am.

Thursday we went to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Dick's house for the requisite turkey dinner, then hung around with an assortment of aunts, uncles, and cousins. I now have a lot of pictures of my relatives on my camera, so that's cool. My youngest cousins, Nick and Taylor, are so adorable. Taylor's a natural little model, and they were both so excited to see their big brother Justin (another of my cousins... apparently he's not around a whole lot), it was really funny.

Friday I went on an adventure. Wednesday I had discovered that my copy of Outlaws of the Marsh (the 2100+ page book I've been reading for the last month or so) was missing 30 pages in one of the more important parts of the book. I was unhappy, since that meant I wouldn't be able to read further on the trip. So Thursday night I went looking online at library catalogs for the public libraries in the area, and discovered the Library of Congress had it. Naturally, Mom was kind of kidding when she suggested I could go there, but I am stubborn and had to go to read my 30 pages. So Dad and I caught the Metro (the light rail) and headed into DC. We had to register for reader cards (a.k.a. library cards), so now I have a Library of Congress library card *grins*. I was way too excited about that. Dad and I ended up traversing a few different buildings to get what we needed, and ended up spending like 4 hours in the library. But I got to read my pages, and the main reading room there is gorgeous. Plus the coat-check guy gave me a poster randomly, so that was cool too.

When Dad and I finally got back to Grandma and Grandpa's, the rest of my family had watched a video interview that Grandpa did for the Veteran's History Project (he was a Marine in Okinawa and Guadalcanal during WWII), so I get to watch that soon too. We got to bring home a copy. We had homemade lasagna for dinner, then went down and played bingo with all the old folks (they live in a retirement community). It was fun... Alyssa and Grandma both won money. Then my family headed out to see Harry Potter. They did leave out a lot of stuff, but I didn't think it was too bad. The books are always better, and that book was a huge one.

Today was pretty uneventful... my allergies hate me, and I bought a lot of candy at one of our stops. Er, actually Dad bought it for me for some reason. Oh well. I guess now I have to catch up on all the stuff I've missed in the last few days.

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I guess it's time for an actual update, isn't it?   
01:48pm 30/10/2005
mood: tired
Last night was the Halloween party at Alice's. I didn't even really want to go, at first, because I've become somewhat of a recluse. That and I hadn't had a whole lot of time to come up with a costume, and really didn't want to do the whole costume thing. But I ended up getting some stuff together, which worked out okay. I'm sure Alice and Sonja have pictures... though I don't know if I'll be posting them. :-)

But the party did turn out to be fun... I probably laughed harder than I have in quite some time, thanks to our drunks, Liz and Lauren. Liz got really trashed, and just being around her was funny as hell. Lauren was a little bit impaired in her movements, which was great. She was dressed as Cristiano Ronaldo (think I got that right), who is a soccer player for Manchester United. She brought this little soccer ball, and at some point she and Jason went out to play with it. It didn't go so well for her. At one point, Jason kicked the ball outside the fence in Alice's yard. Lauren ran after it, arms in the air, screaming, "My ball! My ball!" Note: It didn't really go all that far, but when you're drunk... yeah. She ran, weaving, up the sidewalk to grab it, then almost fell into the street (it was near a tree next to the street). Then she stumbled back down the hill. We all probably laughed at Lauren for the next 15 minutes.

We ended up having to drive Liz and her car home (Sonja and I took her car, Jason and Lauren got Liz), since Liz was still a bit too trashed and tired to get there herself. She fell asleep on the couch first though... she's awful to wake up.

Oh yeah, and Shawn's punk-ass didn't come... even though he swore he would, and he was with Liz and Alice at the anime convention earlier in the day. He will have to be punished.

Wow... alright, my fingers aren't working very well right now. I'm going to have to quit and leave the updating to everyone else. I'm still too tired.

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I'm a bored sheep...   
07:37pm 27/10/2005
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Such an awesome day...   
01:42am 10/06/2005
  Well, today ended up being an awesome kick-off to my summer. I finished all my finals on Wednesday, so I had plans to hang out at Kings Island with my shelver friends, then head to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert at a club down the street from where I live. My day started at about 8am, when I woke up. I picked up all the shelvers, then headed up to PKI. We got there about 10ish, went in, got our season pass things, then headed to the rides. The first thing they wanted to do was Drop Zone. I waited in the line with them, but didn't go on it. I'm still afraid of heights, and I didn't think that ride would be a good move for me. Then we went on Top Gun (my head felt like it was being squished by the pressure), and my ears hurt pretty badly afterward. It was okay, but I don't think I'll be riding that one often. In the end, I only skipped out on The Beast, the swings (didn't feel like it), the viking ship, and obviously Drop Zone. We rode the Scooby Doo haunted thingamajigger... the one that used to be Phantom Theater or whatever, Whitewater Canyon, the log ride (forget the name), ran through the water-spraying part of the kids section, rode Adventure Express, the Racer... and that might be it. I don't know. We ended up all drenched after Whitewater Canyon, but we got even more soaked after the water spraying thingy (I'm great with names, aren't I?). It was awesome though. We left a little after 4 and I drove everyone home (with Matthew falling asleep in the car). I got home at 5, then proceeded to dry all my clothes so I could still have them for the concert (it's just water!). That and I had to open all the windows and the sunroof in Caboose to dry him out too.

Around 7 I headed over to the 20th Century Theater to see 30 Seconds to Mars. I met up with Lauren and Betsy there. The show was great... one of the few times I was actually impressed by the openers (not to mention there were a few hot guys in the bands... *wink*... Ian...). They were good. 30 Seconds to Mars rocked as always (I've seen them 3 times now). We got to talk to the openers after the show, plus we got autographs from 30STM. Cool guys. It was funny... we were talking to one of the guitarists in the first opening band (Blank Maven), and he asked me, "Hey... do you go to UC?" "...Yeah... *confused*" "Are you in engineering?" "... Yeah... *still confused*" "I've seen you around. I used to be in engineering." "Oh yeah?" Hehe... that was amusing. Considering the fact I always pretty much keep to myself on campus, I was surprised that anyone would recognize me. It was cool. The guy (Paul) is in DAAP now (digital design), so maybe one day I'll run into him. I definitely want to go to some of the shows the two bands have sometime. Oh yeah... and did I mention Bluf's lead singer (Ian) is gorgeous? Well, there you go. *grins* I have to get those pics from Betsy. We went and had a good time at Steak 'n Shake afterwards (after all the avoiding of the... "people" - ugh), and now I'm about ready to pass out. I think my wiredness is gone.

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I love Breaking Benjamin.   
01:33am 15/05/2005
  Tonight's concert was so awesome. We didn't end up in the very front (2nd row though), so we did get pretty squished up against the guys in front of us. I had a kind of jerky guy in front of me who kept trying to make more room for himself while we were all vying for a tiny amount of space (he had tons, by comparison). He kept looking at me funny for me grabbing the barrier... too bad, dude, I don't want to die tonight. Back off. Oh well... we had a great time with it anyway... even with the heat and everything. Well... my legs are killing me, so I'm going to go pass out. I probably won't be seen until Sunday afternoon.

And yeah, this update's short... maybe I'll talk about the show a little more. Maybe I won't.

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How did I get so lucky?   
04:24am 24/04/2005
mood: happy
I have such awesome friends... I'm really lucky for that. Alice coordinated a birthday party for me, and although I most dislike the surprise aspect, it was a lot of fun. Not like I expected it to be otherwise, but yeah. I got some cool stuff (like my awesome Master Chief-turned-Church action figure, complete with rocket launcher), and had a good time hanging out. When I showed up, Alice, Matthew, Liz, Will, Nick, and Jarret were in attendance. Once things had settled down a little, Alice had a couple "activities" for everyone in which they had to state something they liked about me, and what they would buy for me if they had unlimited funds. Some great responses were as follows (loosely quoted):

Will: "I like that you haven't killed me for all the stupid stuff I've said." and "I'd buy you a pizza and keep the rest of the money for myself." Thanks, Will. :-P
Matthew: "I know I can trust you completely." *blushes*
Jarret: "I like that we always have something to talk about." Very sweet... liked that a lot. Also, "I'd get you a bunch of bioweapons." Aww, how nice. Haha.
Nick: "I like that you can put up with us." And then he said he'd buy me some kind of giant raybeam to take other people out with? Do I really like killing people that much?
Alice: "I like that no matter what I say, I know you're never judging me." And Alice wants to buy me a hybrid car to save me money on fuel. Practical.
Oh, and Liz liked that I would help her with her paper that she hadn't informed me she had yet. That was nice of her, wasn't it?

Matthew was pretty exhausted early on, so he and I retreated and talked for a little bit (everyone else was discussing creationism vs. evolution... bah), and then we headed outside to walk over to his car. That got kinda derailed though, when I realized the car driving down the street was Charlie's. That made me happy... and it's funny... he just assumed he was entitled to share the driveway with me. He is though, so it's cool. Except for me getting stuck trying to get out of my car once I'd pulled it up. Not so cool. Haha. I was really glad he showed... I wasn't sure if he would or not. I had talked to him earlier, and I told him it'd be nice if he came, but he had been up really late, so I didn't expect a whole lot. So I was happy about that. And Andrew came as well, and was one of the last to leave (along with Liz and Will), since we played Halo for a while once Charlie left. Matthew was so tired he had to leave rather soon after Charlie arrived, so Jarret and Nick went with him. It would have been nice if Chris and Sonja (and Jason) had been able to come, but of course I understand. I love them anyway. :-)

Anyway... even though I'm all wound up now, I really need to try sleeping. Yup.

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What the hell?   
06:59pm 21/04/2005
mood: allergic to everything

Alex Nicole Mendlein's Aliases

Your movie star name: Chili Dip Edward

Your fashion designer name is Alex Madrid

Your socialite name is Bunston Bunnywhacker New York

Your fly girl / guy name is A Men

Your detective name is Wolf Walnut Hills

Your barfly name is Cereal Bacardi

Your soap opera name is Nicole Madison

Your rock star name is Fruit Gems Cheetah

Your star wars name is Alemo Mencha

Your punk rock band name is The Confused Canned Air

I'll give you this, Sonja... I laughed pretty hard with this one too. I like my fly girl name... "A Men!" Wow. What kind of sense does Fruit Gems Cheetah make? Dumbest rock star name ever.

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Happy Birthday to me!   
10:09pm 18/04/2005
mood: happy
Today I turned 21... yay, can finally drink legally (and buy fun drinks in restaurants). Woohoo! Plus I can actually rent cars if I have to (but I never want to leave Caboose!). Had an "eh" day at school, then stopped by the library to drop stuff off, then dropped by Carolyn's to say hi and see how things were going. Talked for a few, then headed home to get ready to go to dinner. Went to Applebee's with my family and Sonja (who might as well be family). Had my usual food, but also got a peach daquiri, which was pretty good. Not much in it though... just enough to make Dad ask if I were okay to drive (I was definitely fine). I got a few RvB-themed presents, so that made me happy... my Church shirt, Season 2 DVD, Trocadero CD, and Jade Empire for Xbox. Fun stuff. Then we went back home and Sonja, Anna, and I played a little Halo multiplayer until Sonja left (like an hour ago). All in all, it's been fun... I'm looking forward to this party on Saturday... though the "surprise" aspect bothers me. Oh well, can't do anything about it. I'm about ready to fall asleep though... it's been a long day!

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Boy, did I screw up.   
11:23pm 17/02/2005
mood: upset
Ugh... last night, after a nice evening of fun with Matthew, Alice, and Matthew's friend Nick, I made a major mistake. I dropped Matthew off and pulled out of the driveway... and into the car across the street. Caboose has a busted bumper (but thankfully, that's it), and I thought the other car had only minor damage. But apparently they got an estimate today, and it's about $1000. This is what I get for trying to keep the insurance company out of it... I get to pay out the ass. I have to try to ask them to get another estimate, mainly because I cannot afford that much. I mean, I can pay it, but I still have car payments to make and other bills to pay. I'm fucked.

Also last night, as if freaking out about the car wasn't enough... I end up in the middle of a bad situation with friends. Charlie's mad at Alice 'cause of her "commenting" on his life... and Alice is mad that he's mad 'cause he's being unreasonable. That's their story... my opinions aside. So I sent Charlie a long-ass e-mail detailing my portion of the story (i.e., me not speaking up, and what I should have said), hoping to kind of reopen lines of communication that we weren't using. Also to take the blame for my part of the "commenting". He took it pretty well, I guess... I mean, he's still not happy with Alice, but that will come in time. That probably won't make Alice happy, but there's not a whole lot I can do about that. I have too much else to worry about right now.

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Just woke up...   
03:09pm 06/02/2005
mood: sore
Yeah, I know it's 3pm. I went to bed at 4:30 though, so it's okay. :-) Me, Alice, Shawn, and Matthew hung out last night (boo, Chris, for not answering your phone). We went to Dewey's, then tried to get Chris (and got sucked in by his parents), then bowling. Good times bowling... I suck, but at least it's fun. Then we took Matthew back to his car and got Shawn's Xbox. Alice and I got our asses kicked by Shawn in Halo 2 multiplayer, but I did get to kill Shawn a few times, so it was all worth it. Plus watching yourself about to get sniped is hilarious. We watched some Cowboy Bebop after that, but I was too tired at that point to really pay any attention, so I went home after a couple of episodes. Then Alice called me once I had gotten into bed to find out if anything was wrong with me... *shrugs* Ah well.

And I'm getting a tax refund! I'm going to buy an Xbox with it. Yay! I think that's sad that I could spend that much money on something, but I'm going to spend money I didn't realize I was going to have, so it's okay.

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And another one...   
02:43pm 30/01/2005
mood: sleepy
Yeah, I know everyone else has last night's stuff in their journal, so I'll keep this short. It was a lot of fun, hentai is hilarious (squish!), my arms hurt like hell from that bowling game, my nose hurts from lying on the floor, and for me, issues returning made me retarded. Hooray. But oh well... for the most part it was fun. I'd do it again (bye bye money!).

In other stuff... I love my job at WPAFB and I love the base. It's cool. I can cope with the drive ('cause Caboose rules), but there are days when it really sucks (when it snows). But it's worth it. I'm actually learning stuff, and I've been given responsibility, which is cool. Plus I can use whatever I want on the base, pretty much. So I may have to start going to the gym up there, plus the Air Force Museum and the BX. Fun stuff.

And I really want an Xbox and more Red vs. Blue stuff. Haha. I'll get that eventually. I want to play Halo!

Oh, dude! And I just realized I'd joined a RvB LJ community. Didn't know I'd done that... haha.

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06:37pm 29/12/2004
  I got a new car today! A 2004 Honda Civic EX, Fiji blue, complete with CD, sunroof, keyless entry, the works. It's so sweet. It's a 2-door, which is the downside, but it's a really nice car. I'll be paying out the ass for it for the next 5 years, but I'll survive. It'll be nice to have something that works and will last. The loan wasn't finalized, so hopefully everything goes well there, or I'll be very depressed. But oh well. I'm used to disappointment, and I've had a lot of that lately.

Man, Monday night was awful... sorta, anyway. The big downside was that I had to go to Matthew's to catsit, and right when I got to the driveway (not in the driveway, mind you), the Marquis crapped out. So I went in, fed the cat, and called Dad. Then, on an upside, I found Matthew's Xbox and started playing Halo. I've never played before, so that was an interesting experience. But a lot of fun. :-) Then Dad came and tried to start the Marquis (it's problem was the alternator, we later found out), and almost killed the Taurus (its radiator is leaking like a sieve and so the engine is constantly overheating). So we called AAA and asked them to tow us. They said okay, and so Dad and I started playing co-operative Halo. Also fun. We called AAA back later to give them a different number to call, and they told us they weren't towing anymore. So we called Mom, and she suggested I call Charlie. At 11:30, I called him, and he came and picked me up. I got a Christmas present out of that as well... Red vs Blue Season 1 DVD. I was really happy about that... I tried to hug Charlie (while he was driving) and almost ended up hitting him in the face. Oops. Now I just have to figure out what to get him... haha.

Anyway, today just made me a lot happier... considering all the crap I've been dealing with lately. So... yay!

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08:59pm 12/12/2004
mood: okay
Well, since I haven't updated this thing in a while... here goes.

I went and saw Breaking Benjamin on Tuesday night with Alice and Alyssa. Awesome concert. We were the first people in line, so we ended up front and center at the show. Crowd surfers suck, but I think the concert was relatively mild in comparison to some of the shows I've been to in the past. I also later realized that this was the first show I've been to without Christian. Hmm. Anyway... after the show, we hung out and met the band (Ben Burnley is so fucking hot... so sexy...). Uh, yeah. And we met the first opening band (the singer was wearing something akin to women's pants... made me feel kinda awkward. But the guitarist, Duncan, was pretty cute, so we ended up talking to them for a while, and Alice and I bought their CD. We were also dubbed either AAA or A-cubed, since there were three of us. :-) Once we finally left Bogarts, Alyssa and I went back to Alice's with her and hung out there for a little bit before we went home. Great night.

Then I had exams... not so fun. Apparently I've managed to fail Basic Strengths somehow, which sucks, 'cause this was the second time I'd taken it. I withdrew last time before I could fail. So I'm really dreading the results from Circuits and Thermo. I know I have an A in CJ and a B+ in Comp Meth, but those other ones could make or break my job offer. And I can't have that. Oh yeah... the job offer. I got a call on Monday at like 4:30 from Wright Patterson AFB, saying that I'd been selected for a co-op position. "How? I never interviewed with you guys." "You were selected." "How?" "I picked you." "Umm... how?" I know, I'm an idiot. But I was so confused! But apparently I did get a job with them... I filled out a ton of paperwork yesterday, so now I just have to go up there and get fingerprinted and go over the paperwork. That and I need to buy a car. Hmm.

And I now have a new obsession... thanks a lot, Charlie. Red Vs. Blue. It's an Internet cartoon done using Halo, and now Halo 2. It's hilarious. I love Caboose. Well, and Grif and Tucker. They're great. They all are, actually... I just somehow managed to pick those 3 out. Caboose is such an idiot, which is awesome. Since Charlie showed Alice and I an episode like a month ago, maybe, I've gotten hooked. I found out that there was a rolling archive of the episodes and started downloading previous seasons in addition to the new stuff. And then yesterday at work I decided to join the site, at which point I decided to sponsor the thing as well. So now I have access to all the videos they've done. Nice. Hehe. I'm just trying not to download them all at once... I want to have something to look forward to. I already downloaded like 10 today... oops. I couldn't help it. My sisters have also gotten into it, which is kinda bad 'cause of the language. But oh well. And I want a Caboose t-shirt. Haha. I will get one soon.

(what does your wand do?)