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Boy, did I screw up.

Ugh... last night, after a nice evening of fun with Matthew, Alice, and Matthew's friend Nick, I made a major mistake. I dropped Matthew off and pulled out of the driveway... and into the car across the street. Caboose has a busted bumper (but thankfully, that's it), and I thought the other car had only minor damage. But apparently they got an estimate today, and it's about $1000. This is what I get for trying to keep the insurance company out of it... I get to pay out the ass. I have to try to ask them to get another estimate, mainly because I cannot afford that much. I mean, I can pay it, but I still have car payments to make and other bills to pay. I'm fucked.

Also last night, as if freaking out about the car wasn't enough... I end up in the middle of a bad situation with friends. Charlie's mad at Alice 'cause of her "commenting" on his life... and Alice is mad that he's mad 'cause he's being unreasonable. That's their story... my opinions aside. So I sent Charlie a long-ass e-mail detailing my portion of the story (i.e., me not speaking up, and what I should have said), hoping to kind of reopen lines of communication that we weren't using. Also to take the blame for my part of the "commenting". He took it pretty well, I guess... I mean, he's still not happy with Alice, but that will come in time. That probably won't make Alice happy, but there's not a whole lot I can do about that. I have too much else to worry about right now.
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No need to try to fix Charlie's life. He has already fucked it up enough. A little more can't hurt anything. And Alice must seriously be fucked up for going out with Charlie, so no need to worry about her either. Us sane people must stick together.
And sorry to hear about your car. Sucks.
-The End-