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Trevor Hurst!

Wow... I finally managed to figure out what happened to Econoline Crush. All these years. I don't know what prompted the search, but I decided tonight that I wanted to try looking for news about them again. First off, the background. Econoline Crush is (well, was) this amazing Canadian rock band that I got into maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I've pretty much loved them ever since. Trevor Hurst is the singer. He's got a great voice for the music (plus he's hot... but yeah). I always liked that no matter how heavy the music got, he never resorted to yelling and screaming. That's way too common with music like theirs. Actually, I just put The Devil You Know back into my CD player for the umpteenth time this week. I'd missed it, I guess. Especially "Home" and "Surefire". Basically, after they released Brand New History in 2001 and had a little bit of a run with that, they kinda fell off the edge of the earth. It bugged me for years that there was never any real word about what happened to them. All the websites either disappeared or weren't updated after Brand New History.

Anyway... tonight. I was looking around online, and decided to search for them again. This time I found a brief Wikipedia article (Wiki, my new best friend) that mentioned the band was either on hiatus or disbanded. The article pointed to the fact that Trevor and another band member had gone off and formed bands of their own, Trevor's being called Hurst (original, huh?). Based on that, I decided to go see if I could find anything on Hurst. Ah, I almost cried when I started listening to the first song on their site ("Not Broken"). I have so much respect for this guy! Even if his band name makes him a bit egotistical. lol - I'm used to the ego. :-) But he's a good songwriter, and it was good hearing his voice again. Haha... I also decided I would buy the EP they have out. I'll get it in 3-6 weeks apparently, since it's coming from Canada. Oh well... I've waited 4 years for this. I can wait 3-6 weeks more. I'm so happy though! This has been a good way to end the day, especially since the beginning sucked pretty badly.

Yeah, so... as of this morning, my baby (Caboose) is in the shop. It was shuddering while it idled this morning while I was trying to leave for work, then it refused to go a couple of times. I pretty much said, "screw it" and Dad ended up taking me to work. He got Caboose towed to Superior Honda once I was at work. I called Dad later in the day to find out whether they'd gotten to check it out, and get this... contaminated fuel?!? I filled up on Friday, and the guys at Superior think I may have ended up with diesel or something instead of unleaded. So the repair is going to be insane... but I'll be damned if I'm not going to get Shell to pay for it. It's their fault. They broke Caboose. I'm just going to have to figure out how to get them to take responsibility, plus get myself to work for the next week (hopefully it won't take longer). Such is my life.

And because I can, Trevor! lol - It's an awful picture, but it made me laugh. As Sonja would say, he's hurt.
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